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    University of Würzburg Graduate Schools

    Closer to completion


    The Graduate Schools are scheduled to move into the new building towards the end of the year. Located right at the foot of the bridge linking the established southern and the newly developed northern part of the Hubland Campus, it will become a landmark for every campus visitor.


    From initial plans to the groundbreaking and the topping-out ceremony it took less than 14 months. With only a few more months to go to finish the interior, more than 800 doctoral researchers will soon have a new center to relate to. While they will do their research at the research institutes, the new building will be a place for symposia, workshops and exhibitions as well as for networking events. Rooms can be booked for longer periods of time, e.g. for thesis or paper writing in seclusion, and all administrative matters regarding doctoral researchers and postdocs will be handled in one spot.



    University of Würzburg Graduate Schools (UWGS)
    Josef-Schneider-Straße 2
    Haus D15
    97080 Würzburg

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