University of Würzburg Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Our Vision

    Our aim is to make your PhD a great experience:

    By helping you understand and benefit from the GSLS structures. By making you feel at home at our graduate school. By encouraging you to voice your opinion and not to hide problems.

    Below we've listed an overview of the current projects we are pursuing. If you have any comments, we are always hungry for feedback! 


    Party Time!!!

    Save the date 

    Date: 27th July, 2016

    Venue: Along the Main River near Beach Bar

    Time: 7:00pm sharp

    Come party with us in a cozy atmosphere along the Main River. Wine, Beer and non-alcoholic drinkables are available. The best hot German delicacies will be on display, but hey you can eat any food of your choice - just bring it along! Don’t miss out on the first ever DRC organized Grill party. It’s going to be a mega, super-duper, unforgettable experience.

    For more details (and to sign up) see the event on facebook.


    This are the results of the last election in April 2016:

    There were a total of 125 valid voters with up to three votes each. The newly elected members are: Benjamin Aboagye, Markus Ankenbrand and Inga Birkholz. Thanks to everyone who participated in this vote.


    The DRC and the GSLS office jointly issue a survey with all the Doctoral Researchers roughly every second year. Our aim is to understand the current status and the needs of our PhD students.

    General Assembly

    The DRC regularly organizes a general assembly for all Doctoral Researchers! There we discuss general topics like the results of the survey or new developments in the graduate school. This meeting has a relaxed atmosphere and we usually finish watching a movie together.

    Doctoral Researcher representative in the GSLS Executive Board

    The Executive Board takes vital decisions in the Graduate School. The Doctoral Researchers Council is invited to participate in all Executive Board assemblies, but does not have an official vote. The GSLS officials would welcome us to be part of the Board, but their hands are tied by the regulation of the UWGS, the umbrella organization of the Würzburg Graduate Schools. We want to change the UWGS regulations which needs approval in the university senate.

    Increase transparency of decision making

    There is a general rule that everything that is discussed in official board meetings is confidential. This holds even if it is of great relevance to all PhD students. We would like to properly inform all students of the decisions made in each meeting (excluding decisions on individual cases which are legitimately confidential). To allow this increased level of transparency we want to have a clear separation of meetings into a public and a private part.


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