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    PostDoc Plus Seminar Event

    In early 2016, the GSLS selected six research projects out of the 25 proposals submitted. The six  successful postdoctoral researchers received a funding of 12.500 Euro for one year to gather data leading to their own grant proposal. Now that they all have completed their projects, they will present their research.

    The introduction to the PostDoc Plus Funding serves as an opener for the event. In this part we will explain the details of the program and provide general tips for the application to interested PostDocs.

    When: Wednesday, July 26th, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

    Where: Biocenter, Campus Hubland, Lecture Hall A102

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    1:00pm - The PostDoc Plus Funding program - Introduction and Information

    1:30pm - Dr. Kristina Suchotzki
                  Lie to me - or not? The neural circuitry underlying self-chosen deception

    1:55pm - Dr. Nadine Ehmann
                  lnvestigating learning-induced changes of the active zone nanostructure in a
                  population of Drosophila Kenyon cells

    2:20pm - Dr. Daniel Jahn
                  Regulation of intestinal FGF15/19 by nutrient-sensing nuclear receptors and
                  potential implications for the treatment of obesityi

    2:45pm - Coffee Break

    3:10pm -  Dr. Daniela Römer
                  CO2 and its effects on the organization of colony tasks in leaf-cutting ants

    3:35pm - Dr. Franziska Ehlicke
                  Patient-specific and off-the-shelf mesenchymal stem cells for nucleus pulposus

    4:00pm - Biocenter Science Award - Lecture Hall A101


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