The GSLS provides comprehensive and structured training to more than 300 doctoral researchers. Together with over 200 principal investigators the GSLS supports doctoral projects and offers scientific and professional training options.

Would you like to join our successful student community? The GSLS offers different programs depending on your academic degree. Before you apply for admission into the GSLS, please study this section to avoid delayed or rejected applications.

The GSLS offers a wide variety of support and benefits to enrolled doctoral researchers. This section provides you with all the information required to successfully graduate from the GSLS. Here you can also find all currently scheduled activities.

Capable and experienced postdoctoral researchers are the scientific backbone of research groups. If you are a PostDoc who supervises doctoral researchers and wants to establish a research group, the GSLS can support you through the PostDoc Plus program.

Inspiring and committed supervisors are a key to the success of the GSLS. If you are an independent group leader in the Life Sciences in Würzburg, the GSLS welcomes your membership application.

Scientific work is at the heart of every dissertation. The GSLS offers the entire spectrum of Life Sciences as research opportunities, with supervisors coming from the faculties of biology, chemistry, medicine, physics and philosophy (psychology). With such a variety, you can find almost all aspects of research covered within our sections.


The Welcome Week 2016 will take place from Monday, 21st of March to Wednesday, 23rd of March. If you have enrolled with the GSLS since April 2015, be sure not to miss three days of information, networking and workshops!

The Graduate Program "3D Tissue Models for Studying Microbial Infections by Human Pathogens" funded by the German Research Foundation is looking to fill 13 positions for doctoral researchers. The application deadline is 15th February 2016.

The last opportunity to submit your application for the PostDoc Plus Funding program 2015 is on the upcoming Sunday, November 1st, 2015. It is probably too late to send your application by mail, but you can still apply by email.

During the winter semester, the GSLS organizes a lecture series featuring research methods and topics from life science research groups in Würzburg. All GSLS students are invited to join the lecture series. For details, follow the news link.