University of Würzburg Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Programme: Welcome Week 2017

    After registration from 08:30, the week’s activities begin on Monday with a fixed programme, designed to give you an introduction to the GSLS. This will be a fantastic opportunity not only to get to know the GSLS, but also to network and get to know your peers:

    •   A series of short talks by participants introducing themselves and their project - for this       you need to submit one presentation slide
    •   The different phases of a PhD: what to expect, challenges and opportunities
    •   Introduction to the Doctoral Researchers Council (DRC) and the Doctoral Researchers’       Symposium
    •   Networking events

    In addition to this, there is a highly recommended programme of social activities in the evening including:

    •    a city tour
    •    dinner in a local restaurant
    •    a pub crawl  

    On Tuesday we will be offering a range of one-day workshops which count towards the requirements of the structured programme:

    •    Successful intercultural communication
    •    Analysing your market potential as a scientist
    •    Poster design
    •    Scientific writing

    This is followed by an Intercultural Get Together - a pot-luck buffet of international dishes and another great chance to meet new people. This event is always a favourite, but please remember to register and bring some food along if you can!

    On Wednesday, we round off the week’s excitement with the half-day workshop Good Scientific Practice (this course is a requirement of the structural programme, so now is a great opportunity to take part), a traditional Bavarian Weißwurstfrühstuck in the midday break, and a selection of additional sessions including:

    •    a follow-up session for Good Scientific Practice including case studies and discussion
    •    an introduction to the MENTORING programme (available to female students only)
    •    a general Q&A session to clear up any questions you may have about the GSLS

    We are looking forward to seeing you all there – don’t forget to register for everything that you are planning to attend!


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