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    FOKUS MSc Life Science Lecture Series - WS16/17

    Lecture series in English, fully accountable towards your GSLS curriculum. This lecture series is at an introductory level and taking place at a time to minimize conflicts with your lab schedule.

    This lecture series is designed to give an overview over the research interests pursued at our university. It therefor encompasses all sections of the GSLS and introduces the methodology as well as the current topics under investigation. The lecture series is organized into topic blocks of one to three weeks in duration. Each block consists of a 'Methods' section taking place on Wednesday through Friday. On the following Mondays and Tuesdays, the speakers of the 'Topics' section will introduce their application of the methods and their questions they work to answer.

    Topic blocks

    • Imaging
    • High Troughput Methods & Computational Methods
    • Biochemical & Biophysical Research
    • Infection & Immunity & Cancer
    • Neuroscience & Behavior
    • Integrative Biology

    Place: Lecture Hall A103 - Biocenter, Hubland Campus
    Time: WS 2016/17, Mondays: 08:15-11:00am (two speakers), on other weekdays 08:15-9:00am

    Please register via SB@Home for both the 'Methods' and the 'Topics' part of the lecture series. Upon registration, you can find the lecture slides as well as further literature in the eLearning platform WueCampus2. Please note, that there is a delay of up to 24h between the registration at SB@Home and the access to the lecture on WueCampus2.

    In order to receive a certificate of participation you have to attend 20 out of the 72 individual lectures. Participation will be documented by an attendance sheet that will be signed at the end of each lecture you participated in.

    For additional questions, please contact: Dr. Franz-Xaver Kober, Tel. 0931-31-80390,



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