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    Seminar Series "PostDoc Plus Projects"

    The Graduate School of Life Sciences is providing start-up funding for postdoctoral researchers. The aim of the project is to spark the first experiments that might lead up to the next successful grant application. You can find all details on this here.

    The first round of funding started in April 2014 and after half a year of research, the funded postdocs will present their results and the implications for their grant application in the seminar series "PostDoc Plus Project". These talks will take place:

    Time: Thursdays, 17:00 - 18:00
    Place: Lecture Hall A103, Biocenter
    Period: October 22nd 2014 until December 18th 2014

    The talks are from many different fields of Life Sciences, so you can either pick single talks from the program that interest you the most or you can attend most talks (at least seven) and you can credit it as a scientific elective for your study program.
    If you want to attend the seminar for credit, please register through SB@home or contact Dr. Franz-Xaver Kober by mail.


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