RTG 1221 Symposium 08

Joint doctoral schools are an excellent means of enhancing research co-operations between Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. The GSST will coordinate the school on "Digitalisierung", jointly operated by the University of Würzburg,...

Graduate School of Science & Technology

The Graduate School of Science & Technology (GSST) runs established and develops new structured doctoral programs. It places special emphasis on interdisciplinarity, being a joint initiative of five faculties: Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry & Pharmacy, Mathematics & Computer Science, Biology, and Philosophical Faculty I (Institute of Geography und Geology).

Building on strong collaborative research programs, the GSST provides interdisciplinary research training of the highest standards. To achieve this goal the school runs five broad interfaculty sections:

  • Theoretical & Fundamental Sciences
  • Molecular & Materials Sciences
  • Computing Sciences & Systems Engineering
  • Applied Sciences
  • Education Sciences.

As a doctoral student, you will profit from

  • mentoring by a committee of three principal investigators,
  • individual research training plan, clearly defining scope and duration of the project (usually 3 years),
  • comprehensive offer of research related and transferable skills training,
  • inclusion into a strong peer-network of doctoral researchers,
  • early exposure to the international research community,
  • strong emphasis on the publication of your results.