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    DAAD STIBET - Support for Doctoral Students and Postdocs

    The "University of Würzburg Graduate Schools" co-ordinates the distribution of DAAD funds through the STIBET program „Betreuungsmaßnahmen für ausländische Doktoranden und Postdoktoranden" at the University of Würzburg. Except for the "Kontaktstipendien" (see below), that support is only available for members of the University of Würzburg.

    The support comes in three forms:

    1. Fellowships

    2. German Language Courses

    3. Adiitional Supportive Activities

    1. Fellowships 

    Introductory Remarks

    Before any application, please inquire about the current funding situation and eligibility issues.

    Note: Budget for 2017 is 24.000 €

    • Fellowships are only available for non-German DOCTORAL RESEARCHERS working at the University of Würzburg
    • POSTDOCS can benefit from activities 2 and 3 (see below)
    • Fellowships can start any time
    • Two different forms of fellowships are available: "Kontakt", "Abschluss" (see below)
    • In all cases less than the possible maximum duration and amount of the fellowships can be applied for (however, the minimum fellowship is 250 €/month)
    • If doctoral researchers receive other public funding, the total may not exceed 1000 €/month
    • A report about the work done during the fellowship must be provided by the recipient of any fellowship and the fellowship must be acknowledged in publications

    Short Description of Fellowships


    • For non-German doctoral researchers already working at the University of Würzburg at the time of application
    • Purpose: Finishing a delayed doctoral thesis project 
    • Up to 6 months, up to 1000 €/month
    • Applicants must carefully document the following: a) Doctoral candidates are not responsible for the delay in finishing the project, b) Good performance of the candidate, c) Thesis defence must be reasonably planned to happen within one year after the start of the fellowship at the very latest.


    • For stays of non-German doctoral researchers at the University of Würzburg
    • Purpose: Research stays of doctoral researchers from universities abroad at the University of Würzburg
    • Up to a maximum of 6 months, up to 1000 €/month
    • Meant to foster long-term international co-operations between research groups at the Graduate Schools of the University of Würzburg and partners in foreign countries, preferentially from official partner universities (please document those points in your application carefully!).
    • Attention: Application takes place by the host in Würzburg on behalf of the visiting doctoral researcher. Additional items such as travel or consumables cannot be funded.

    Application Constraints

    • Applications can be filed by any member of the University of Würzburg who supervises doctoral researchers; Affiliation with a Graduate School is a definite plus
    • Decisions about fellowships are made by the Board of the UWGS
    • Decisions are not contestable
    • Decisive factors are the candidate's academic quality and the likelihood that the proposed project can be accomplished within the duration of the fellowship
    • Applications can be filed any time except when mentioned otherwise. Decisions will usually be made within 8 weeks
    • In case funds are exhausted, this will be announced here

    The Application Comprises

    • Application form: Download, open with Acrobat Reader and fill in. Don't forget signatures! 
    • Concise description of the project (contents, schedule/milestones; max. 2 pages)
    • Candidate’s CV
    • Certificate of enrollment in a doctoral study program, University of Würzburg, if applicable
    • Two letters of recommendation (max. 1 page each), one of them by project supervisor
    • Evidence of candidate's prior performance: Diplomas, publications, conference abstracts, any other document that may support the application
    • Please send one copy of the application in paper with original signatures to: Universität Würzburg, UWGS, Josef-Schneider-Str. 2, D15, 97080 Würzburg
    • In case of additional questions please contact: Stephan Schröder-Köhne, Phone 31-86068,

    2. German Language Courses

    The UWGS organizes German Language Courses for foreign doctoral students / postdocs according to demand. Please contact Stephan Schröder-Köhne, Tel. 31 86068,

    3. Additional Supportive Activities

    Funding is available from the STIBET program to finance regional cultural as well as intercultural activities. If you want to offer such activites yourself, alone or together with colleagues,  costs (materials, honorariums, fees) may be fully or partially covered by STIBET. Please contact Stephan Schröder-Köhne, Tel. 31 86068,


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