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    Graduiertenschule für die Geisteswissenschaften

    Director & Extended Board
    of the Graduate School

    - As of October 1, 2019 -

    The Graduate School currently consists of the four Classes

    1. "Antiquities, History and Religion",
    2. "Education & Culture"
    3. "Middle Ages and Early Modern Period"
    4. "Philosophy, Languages, Arts"

    which are represented by two members on the Extended Board, and the "research focus" Class

    5. "Digital Humanities"   which is represtented by one spokesperson.

    The Extended Board:

    constists of

    a) The Board:

    which was appointed by the annual assembly on June 19, 2019 and currently consists of:


    b) The five Classes' spokespersons:

    The "Digital Humanities" and "Education and Culture" Classes are currently in search of spokespersons.

    Further persons