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Graduiertenschule für die Geisteswissenschaften

Zhang, Yanxiang

Wir gratuliern herzlich zum bestandenen Kolloquium am 30. März 2022.

"The Making of a Place: Topographical Literature on West Lake by Tian Rucheng (b. 1501) and Zhang Dai (b. 1597).“

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Universität Würzburg Institut für
Kulturwissenschaften Ost- und Südasiens Sinologie
Am Hubland, Philosophiegebäude Bau 8
97074 Würzburg

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Erstbetreuer: Prof. Dr. Roland Altenburger


Prof. Dr. Björn Alpermann

apl. Prof. Dr. Silvia Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach

Klasse in der Graduiertenschule:  „Philosophie, Sprachen, Künste“

Promotion in der Graduiertenschule ab WS 2015/2016.

This dissertation aims to study the sightseeing of imperial Chinese literati at West Lake (Xihu 西湖) with an emphasis on the “mentality of sightseeing”: the motivations, attitudes towards sightseeing, tastes and values etc. While the study spans a period from from mid Ming to early Qing, a series of texts written during this period on the sightseeing at West Lake will be investigated. Taking West Lake as a “case study”, this dissertation will hopefully provide a glimpse of the sightseeing culture, which had played an important role in the social lives of Chinese literati of this period and the construction of their identity.