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    Careers Talk

    GSLS Careers Talk

    “Career Opportunities for Natural Scientists in the Pharmaceutical Industry: a CSL Behring Perspective”

    When: Friday, 13th September 2019, 12:00 - 13:30

    Where: Lecture Hall, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Beatrice-Edgell-Weg 21, 97074 Würzburg

    Speaker: Dr. Partho Halder, CSL Behring

    Dr. Partho Halder is an alumni of first batch of GSLS who graduated in 2012. After 10 years in academia, he moved to industry in April 2017. Currently in his second role at CSL Behring, he heads an analytical lab in the department of quality control.

    The careers talk by Dr. Partho Halder will be divided into two sessions. During the first one “Career Opportunities for Natural Scientists in the Pharmaceutical Industry: a CSL Behring Perspective” (12:00 – 12:40) he would like to introduce the 'functioning of the pharmaceutical industry' and illustrate the diverse career opportunities for natural scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, which by the way, are not just restricted to R&D. He will try to explain the various business areas and positions where you can contribute and pursue a career as natural scientists.

    "What are my career prospects in the pharmaceutical industry?"
    "What does this job profile even mean?"
    "What exactly will be my responsibilities in that position?"
    "Do my skills fit this job?"

    Ever had such questions in mind? Then maybe this career session with Dr. Partho Halder will help you in finding your answers to such questions.


    The second session is titled “Transition from Academia to Industry: a Personal Experience” (12:50 - 13:30). Having been on 'both the sides', Dr. Partho Halder will share his perspective on the similarities and differences between academic and industrial careers. Building up on the first session, he will try to help you answer questions like:

    "Is industry a possible career path for me?"
    "When is the right phase to make the transition?"
    "What does it take to make it into the industry?"
    "How do I prepare myself for the transition?"
    "How to find the right job for me, where do I start?"

    This second session will conclude with tips on the application process.

    This talk is free of charge. For planning purposes, please register online if you would like to attend: GSLS Workshops & Careers Talks Registration.