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    University of Würzburg Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Workshop Plus Program

    While principal investigators as well as participants of the PostDoc Plus program are welcome to participate in the regular GSLS Transferable Skills workshops, this program is tailored to the needs of a doctoral researcher. The Workshop Plus program offers workshops for experienced researchers. Potential topics might include (but are not limited to) grant writing, interview training, project management, leadership, conflict management, financial management or career building. If you have a suggestion for a specific workshop topic, please contact the scientific coordinator of the GSLS Dr. Juliane Fiebig.

    In order to register for a course, please write an email to Dr. Juliane Fiebig. Please take notice of our Rules & Regulations which apply for all registrations.

    Currently, the following workshops are planned:

    16th March - Arguing and Debating in Science

    Research thrives on dispute, on the clash of scientific opinions, paradigms, and contradictory results. For this reason, it is all the more important that the researchers' argumentative abilities meet the standards required for scientific work. By means of debate training, the participants get a true understanding of what debating means. Through debate training awareness of what makes arguments good is achieved. Furthermore the shift from debating being a sport to it being a useful method, not only in research but also for business, is becoming ever clearer. The participants directly experience how applicable and result-oriented debating is. more

    Trainer: Thore Andiel

    Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

    Venue: Seminar Room 01.001, GSLS Building, Beatrice-Edgell-Weg 21, 97074 Würzburg

    4th May 2020 – Supervising PhD students

    The actual supervision of PhD students is in many cases done by PostDocs or early career researchers. This work, when successfully done, is without doubt the key to success for any academic career, and at the same time can be a very rewarding experience.

    Nevertheless, especially for an early career independent researcher, this can be a highly challenging task, which raises several questions.

    The exchange of experience and problem-solving approaches constitute the seminar. It is of utmost importance to discuss and work on the problems you actually encounter. Furthermore, input will be given on the legal background, time- and self-management principles, and the peculiarities of a PhD in the Life Sciences and in structured PhD programs like the GSLS. (description by Prof. Decker) more

    Trainer: Prof. Dr. Michael Decker

    Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

    Venue: Seminar Room 01.001, GSLS Building, Beatrice-Edgell-Weg 21, 97074 Würzburg