University of Würzburg Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Life Sciences


    Programme: Welcome Week Fall 2019


    After registration from 8:30, the week’s activities begin on Monday with a fixed programme, designed to give you an introduction to the GSLS. This will be a fantastic opportunity not only to get to know the GSLS, but also to network and get to know your peers:

    •   The different phases of a PhD: what to expect, challenges and opportunities
    •   Introduction to the Doctoral Researchers Council (DRC) and the Doctoral Researchers’ Symposium
    •   Networking events (Scientific Speed Dating, Intercultural get-together with pot-luck buffet during lunch)
    •   A series of short talks by participants introducing themselves and their project - for this you need to submit one presentation slide

    In addition to this, we offer a city tour of Würzburg after the formal activities to give you an insight into the history and culture of the city you are living in.

    On Tuesday we will be offering a range of one-day workshops which count towards the requirements of the structured programme:

    •    Successful intercultural communication
    •    Analysing your market potential as a scientist
    •    Scientific writing

    On Wednesday the entire group will come together for a seminar on "Good Scientific Practice" – detailing the conduct expected from every scientist at our university. This is a mandatory course and must be attended before you can graduate, so this is a good opportunity to aleady fulfill this requirement!

    During lunch you will have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Bavarian meal "Weißwurstfrühstück".

    In the afternoon we are offering a selection of different elective courses and to round off the Welcome Week in a relaxed fashion the DRC has reserved a big table at a restaurant for a communal dinner and offers a pub crawl.

    We are looking forward to seeing you all there – don’t forget to register for everything that you are planning to attend!