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    Thesis Regulations and Documents - Medical Doctoral Theses

    Thesis Regulations - for Medical or Dental Doctoral Researchers only

    Please note that doctoral theses submitted by medical doctoral researchers registered with the GSLS must be prepared according to the regulations (Promotionsordnung) of the GSLS. There are some key differences between the GSLS regulations and those of the Medical Faculty. Please read through the following guidelines, using the downloadable templates provided.

    Thesis Submission Advisory Talk
    Please make an appointment with Katrin Lichosik (+49 (0)931 31-88398) to discuss your thesis submission, at least 4 weeks in advance of the thesis submission. You are also welcome to make an appointment with us much earlier than approximately four weeks in advance of the thesis submission.

    It is essential to have a thesis submission advisory talk with us, as there is a lot of  important information that we need to give you.  Please bring your completed (or as complete as possible) study book to the appointment with you.

    Thesis format

    We kindly ask students to send us a final PDF version of their doctoral thesis so that we can check that all formatting requirements have been met and avoid any possible delays which incorrect formatting could cause.

    Your thesis must:

    • be printed on white high quality paper (any paper suitable for Laser Printer will do)
    • use the DIN A5 format
    • have its pages numbered
    • be bound
    • be in English or German language
    • have both the English and German thesis title on the cover
      Use this example for both cover and title page (German or English)

      Example title page (English)
      Example title page (German)

    Your thesis has to contain the following items:

    Your thesis may contain:

    • Acknowledgements
    • Annex
    • Publications list

    Thesis Submission

    The thesis submission takes place at the Dekanat of the Medical Faculty.  Please make a joint appointment with Ms. Mewis and Katrin for the thesis submission.

    The following forms must be submitted along with the final version of your thesis:

    You will receive a document confirming the thesis submission.  Please keep this form safe, as you will need it again after your defence.

    Doctoral Procedure

    Once the thesis has been submitted, the Doctoral Procedures Office (Promotionsbüro) of the Medical Faculty is responsible for administrating your medical doctoral procedure.  Your contact person for any queries is Ms. Mewis.

    During this time you should also complete and submit your Diploma Supplement template to the GSLS (Katrin) via email.

    The doctoral procedure consists of the following steps:

    • Submission process & sending your thesis to your supervisors
    • Evaluation of your thesis/receipt of appraisal reports: 4-6 weeks
    • In case of grade 'summa cum laude' - External evaluation: ~6 weeks
    • Processing of the evaluations and grading
    • Mandatory electronic display of thesis and appraisal reports: 2 weeks
    • Announcement of defence: at least 7 days prior to defence taking place.
      Please send the date, time and exact address of the room to Ms. Mewis at least two weeks in advance.

    Final arrangements for your defence should only be made once your thesis has entered the display phase. The details of your defence can only be confirmed once your thesis has been accepted at the end of the electronic display.

    Right after your successful defence you will get your first certificate/Zeugnis. This is not the final doctoral certificate and it does NOT grant you the right to carry the title "Dr. med." or "Dr. med. dent."


    Once you have completed your defence, you need to submit five hard copies and one electronic copy of your thesis to the university library. Take your copy of the document confirming thesis submission to the central library (Hubland campus). Once all formalities there are complete, the library will then sign for the receipt of your thesis. Please submit this signed form to Ms. Mewis in the Doctoral Procedures Office of the Medical Faculty.

    Where possible, please upload the electronic version of your thesis to OPUS once your defence is over and before you go to the library.  You can do this from home and do not need to be logged into the university network to do this.  Please click on the 'publish' tab and follow the instructions on the screen.  Please note that this process DOES NOT publish your thesis - the thesis is only published once all necessary copies have been received at the library.

    For doctoral theses which contain unpublished data or pending patent applications:
    If this applies to your thesis, it is very important that you additionally submit an application for temporary non-publication of a dissertation.  Please submit this completed form with the five hard copies of your thesis to the library.

    Important: The Doctoral Procedures Office needs the library signature to be able to hand out your doctoral certificate.

    There may be additional copies of your thesis remaining from the initially submitted 8 at the GSLS office. Please enquire at the GSLS office once your defence is over, as you can use these additional copies for the library.

    Doctoral Certificates

    You will be informed by Ms. Mewis when your doctoral certificates are ready to be collected.  You will receive two copies, one in German, one in English, awarded jointly by the Medical Faculty and the Graduate School of Life Sciences.  The University must prepare the embossed official certificate signed by the President of the University and the Deans of the Medical Faculty and the Graduate School of Life Sciences and this of course takes some time - it will be a few weeks after the defence before you receive the certificates. 

    The receipt of these certificates grants you the doctoral title.

    Additionally, you will receive a Diploma Supplement from the Graduate School of Life Sciences.  

    Congratulations! The Graduate School of Life Sciences wishes you all the best for your future career. Please keep in touch and join our Alumni network. We would be delighted to see you again some time in the future.

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