University of Würzburg Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Life Sciences

    PostDoc Plus Mentoring

    A scientific network is a very important factor in most academic careers - not only for the scientific collaboration but also for the exchange of information and experience. The latter is especially important when trying to establish an academic career. While some postdoctoral researchers can fall back on their prior supervisors for advice and counsel, many postdoctoral researchers could use the experience of an experienced researcher with an outside perspective.

    The PostDoc Plus Mentoring therefore tries to help postdoctoral researchers who:

    • plan to pursue a career in academia
    • are currently trying to achieve a group leader position
    • want to further develop their individual academic profile
    • want to extend their professional network

    The PostDoc Plus Mentoring program assists interested postdoctoral researchers in finding an experienced mentor who serves as a source of advice, helps in extending the professional network and provides a neutral outside perspective.

    The intensity of the Mentoring is in the discretion of the Mentor and the Mentee, with only one large network event per year being planned to help facilitate the exchange of experiences between participants of the program.

    This part of the PostDoc Plus program is scheduled to start in spring 2014.