Hubland Campus
Hubland Campus

Welcome to the "University of Würzburg Graduate Schools" (UWGS).
The UWGS serves as a holding for four subject related Graduate Schools, which cover all relevant fields of research at the University, spanning several Faculties each.
For information about the UWGS and the individual Graduate Schools please follow the links in the menue.

Workshops for principal investigators who want to improve their competence in supervising doctoral researchers.

The Graduate Schools are scheduled to move into the new building towards the end of the year. Located right at the foot of the bridge linking the established southern and the newly developed northern part of the Hubland Campus, it will become a...

If you enjoy a break from your research at least once in a while, the summer program of "Foreign Scientist at the University of Würzburg" has a lot to offer. Have a look and join any or all of the social and cultural events they organize for you.

The UWGS and the Rudolf Virchow Center jointly celebrated their respective 10 year and 15 year anniversaries on 14 October 2016