University of Würzburg Graduate Schools

    Doctoral training program

    The doctoral training program of the GSST is designed for a three-year period. In addition to ongoing research for their dissertation, doctoral candidates take part in both obligatory and elective training courses (on average 4 hours per week). Obligatory elements of the training program are:

    • Group seminar / literature seminar (usually on a weekly basis - 1h/week)
    • Program seminar (such as seminar of DFG Graduate Training Group, colloquia, lecture series etc. - 1h/week)
    • Retreats / Summer School (counts as 1h/week)

    In addition to the obligatory courses, doctoral candidates can choose from a broad range of electives (at least 1 h/week) depending on their individual needs and preferences. Electives include:

    • Methods courses
    • Periods of research abroad in a collaborating laboratory
    • Special lectures
    • Transferable skills courses such as academic communication, Good Scientific Practice, entrepreneurship, patent law
    • Involvement in teaching

    Besides taking part in the obligatory and elective training, doctoral candidates are expected to attend at least two international conferences / workshops with a contribution of their own (talk, poster presentation) until graduation. Graduation also requires substantial contribution of the doctoral candidate - at least co-authorship - to at least one publication in a peer-reviewed international journal.


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