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    GSLS Travel Fellowships

    GSLS travel fellowships offer GSLS doctoral researchers the opportunity to participate in international conferences and workshops (active participation, talk or poster presentation, is a prerequisite) or support a research stay in a foreign laboratory. Each GSLS doctoral researcher can receive up to 2.000 EUR until graduation. Funding for travel fellowships is based on the location of the meeting or activity attended:

    Germany: up to 300 EUR

    Europe: up to 500 EUR

    Overseas: up to 1.000 EUR

    GSLS travel fellowships for medical students

    Medical students with an MD fellowship of the Faculty of Medicine or the GSLS who registered with the GSLS and take part in a specially adapted, structured doctoral programme are also eligible for GSLS travel fellowships. They can receive up to 500 EUR until graduation.

    How to apply for the GSLS travel fellowships

    • Send an application (in English) including a statement of motivation and details about the conference / workshop/ research stay BEFORE it takes place.  Please also submit a copy of your talk or poster abstract, and verification of your presentation as soon as it is accepted by the conference organizers (travel awards will only be made once the acceptance is confirmed).
    • Provide estimated or actual costs of your conference / workshop attendance / research stay
    • Provide your current CV with publication record
    • Provide a reference letter from your primary supervisor

    Please send your application in paper copy with original signatures to:
    Graduate School of Life Sciences, Dr. Gabriele Blum-Oehler, Josef-Schneider-Straße 2 / D15, 97080 Würzburg

    In case of additional questions please contact:
    Dr. Gabriele Blum-Oehler, Phone: 31-81474, Email:

    For administrative queries (i.e. business travel application, reimbursement process), please contact:
    Mr. Sebastian Michel, Phone: 31-84433, Email:


    Graduate School of Life Sciences
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