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    Positions Funded by Sources Other Than GSLS Fellowships

    Principal investigators of the GSLS frequently offer positions funded by various sources. We list such positions on this page. The list below is however not necessarily comprehensive. Please consult the home pages of the individual research institutions for additional postings.

    If you are interested in one of the positions listed below please apply directly to the principal investigator in charge, mentioning the GSLS homepage as your source of information.

    PhD Positions

    PhD position on Regulation of translational recoding in RNA viruses, Dr. Neva Caliskan, 5 Dec 2017

    PhD position on CRISPR biology and technologies, Prof. Dr. C. Beisel, 28 Nov 2017

    ERC funded PhD position on Tumor Biology, Dr. E. Wolf, 25 Sep 2017

    PhD position on Brain and behavior of migrating monarch butterflies, Dr. Basil el Jundi, 2 Aug 2017

    Postdoctoral Positions

    ERC funded Postdoc position in Tumor Biology, Dr. E. Wolf, 25 Sep 2017


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