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    International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Symposium 2024

    Welcome to EUREKA! 2024 - where the future of Life Sciences begins!

    Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of innovation and discovery at EUREKA! 2024, where the brightest minds in Life Sciences converge to illuminate the path forward. Building upon the resounding success of previous symposiums, EUREKA! returns with a fervent dedication to fostering collaboration, sparking inspiration, and shaping the future of scientific exploration.


    • Cutting-Edge Talks: Explore the forefront of Life Sciences with talks from leading experts and emerging scholars.

    • Poster Presentations: Showcase your research and discoveries to peers and mentors through engaging poster presentations and talks.

    • Career Insights: Gain valuable career insights from industry leaders and academic professionals, discover the myriad opportunities awaiting you beyond the laboratory bench.

    • Creative Contests: Fuel your creativity with image and essay writing contests.

    • Social events: Scientists can also socialize and build connections.

    Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience at EUREKA! 2024, taking place on October 10th and 11th at the prestigious Rudolf-Virchow-Center of the University of Würzburg. Together, let us illuminate the path to discovery, ignite the flames of innovation, and dare to reach for the stars.

    Eureka is solely organized by the PhD students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS)