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For Principal Investigators

BayWISS- For Principal Investigators

If you have a collaborative project with a colleague of a university or of a university of applied sciences, respectively and if you want to join the BWD, you, your colleague and your doctoral researcher must become a member of the BWD.

In the BWD each student needs a supervisor at a university and at a university of applied science.

We can help finding a cooperation partner, that suits your project, if needed.

The PIs should support their doctoral candidate to fulfill the doctoral requirements, e.g. by offering literatur or group seminars, usually on a weekly basis. The doctoral student should be encouraged to visit work-related workshops and seminars as well as tranferable skill courses. In addition, the doctoral researcher should attend at least two international congresses during their doctoral project with a contribution of their own work.

In case you are a PI at the University of Würzburg you should also be a member of the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST).

Supervisors and their doctoral candidate join the BWD by signing the supervision agreement. With your signature you approve the bylaws of the BWD

To a certain extent and upon application, there is also a possibility to get funding for work-related expenses by the BWD.