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Graduate School Science and Technology

For Doctoral Researchers

Support throughout the doctoral phase

For a transparent and balanced discussion of the progress of each doctoral student's dissertation project all GSST doctoral students are supported by an Advisory Committee consisting of one primary advisor ("Doktorvater/Doktormutter") and two additional advisors. Two of the advisors need to be members of the GSST. All members of the Advisory Committee have to be authorized for university examinations according to the HSchPrüferV as of 16 June 2006. To encourage scientific exchange one of the additional advisors may come from another university (also abroad). Additional individuals may be added to the committee, either with an examiner function or a mentoring function only. The major responsibility for advising doctoral students lies with the primary advisor, who also provides doctoral students with the necessary workplace and resources.

The Advisory Committee

  • assists doctoral students with their individual research training plan
  • together with the doctoral students makes sure that all formal requirements are met
  • evaluates the thesis and its defense

Doctoral researchers and their Advisory Committee meet on a regular basis throughout the three-year doctoral phase. The GSST keeps track of the doctoral student's progress through report forms that document the meetings with the Advisory Committee. The points on which the doctoral students and their advisors are asked to comment are meant to stimulate discussion on all issues that have a significant impact on the quality and success of the doctoral thesis project.

The reports are submitted to the GSST office. All reports are kept confidential in the doctoral student’s file.