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    BayWISS Digitalisierung

    BayWISS Verbundkolleg Digitalisierung (BWD)

    With BayWISS the Bavarian Ministry of Science and the Arts has created a new platform to enhance collaboration of universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria.

    The BayWISS Verbundkolleg Digitalisierung (BWD) is one of currently ten thematically different joint BayWISS research training groups. It has its headquarters at the University of Würzburg and is jointly managed together with the universities of applied sciences FHWS Würzburg-Schweinfurt and OTH Regensburg.

    As a first measure, BayWISS is developing a platform for joint doctoral projects between universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. Talented graduates who are qualified and willing to strive for a doctoral degree at any BayWISS member university can join this new forum together with their supervisors.

    The BWD will start its work with the following research topics:

    •   Big data/data analytics
    •   Digitalisation in industrial production and in industrial services
    •  Intelligent networks
    •  Information technology in public health service and health research
    • Robotics and telematics
    •  Security of hardware, software and data
    • Human-computer-media interaction
    • Economic and social aspects of computer systems in the context of application