International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

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    SFB Transregio 17 - Ras-dependent pathways in human cancer

    Anne Dwertman



    Virchow Graduate Program

    Angela Schlipp

    Priya Panjwani


    SFB 487 Regulatory Membrane Proteins

    Bodo Sander

    Henning Hintzsche

    Markus Milde


    GK "Infectious Diseases Research"

    Anja Troge

    Roswitha Schiller

    Nico Dunkel

    Andrea Kühn



    GK Immunmodulation

    Anoop Chandran

    Susanne Köthe

    Paula Römer



    SFB 688: Mechanisms and imaging of cardiovascular cell-cell-interactions

    Marie Vidal

    Yuxiang Ye



    SFB 554: From synaptic plasticity to behavioural modulation in genetic model organisms

    Partho Halder



    MD PhD Program

    Torsten Steinbrunn



    TR52 Transcriptional Programming of Regulatory T Cells

    Rhoda Busch, Ronald Rudolf