International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Writing contest

    For the very first time, the International Student Symposium of Würzburg will have a
    writing contest!


    The prize will be given to PhD students producing outstanding pieces of science writing that communicates a scientific topic in a creative way to non-scientists. We encourage everybody to write an essay related to life sciences which communicates your excitement for research, addresses a common scientific misconception or just tells a fascinating story, but in a way like your grandmother could understand it.


    There will be a maximum of 3 prize winners.

    We are still looking for sponsors who will provide the prices!


    All PhD students who will come to the symposium are eligible to apply to the competition.


    Only one entry per person may be submitted, the deadline is the 30th of September 2010. The essay must be written in English, using language and style suitable for a non-scientific audience. The length of the essay must not exceed 1000 words and it must not already have been published, or be awaiting publication, in print or online. Contributions can be submitted in any commonly readable electronic format (such as doc, txt, rtf or pdf) as an email attachment to our contact email address.


    GSLS International Student Symposium Organisation committee.