International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

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    The GSLS Symposium Organisational Committee 2013

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    Organization Committee members: 


    Virchow Graduate Program

    Ezgi Eylül Bankoglu


    SFB Transregio 17 - Ras-dependent pathways in human cancer

    Anne Carstensen

    Lisa Keller

    Meike Simann



    SFB 688: Mechanisms and imaging of cardiovascular cell-cell-interactions

    Deya Cherpokova

    Carsten Deppermann

    David Weber



    SFB 1047: Insect timing: mechanisms, plasticity and interactions

    Benjamin Fuchs

    Jennifer Loewe

    Anup James

    Egle Mambretti

    Mohit Misra

    Ankit Turakhiya