International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Poster Session


    The best evaluated posters of the Poster Session 2013 are the following:

    1./2. Lisa Keller

    "Targeting Myc function for cancer therapy" (Abstract #79)

    1./2. Patrick Tan

    "A small RNA ArsZ which is regulated by the acid-responsive ArsRS two-component system in Helicobacter pylori" (Abstract #55)

    3./4. Sabine Walter

    "Oncostatin M induces the expression of the DExD-H-box helicases RIG-I and MDA5" (Abstract #15)

    3./4. Malvika Sharan

    "Computational prediction of RNA-binding domains in bacterial effectors proteins" (Abstract #22)

    There is a PDF file containing all submitted Abstracts is available for all registered participants:

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