International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Organization Committee

    With one of the largest teams to date, Graduate Students from many different faculties, backgrounds and countries are working together to make this 10th anniversary of EUREKA! an event to remember.

    Feel free to contact us:

    All organizers:

    Romina Vardapour and Philip Kruber (Chairs)

    Anup Shirley

    Benedikt Schmid

    Carsten Deppermann

    Deya Cherpokova

    Dominik Kiser

    Elisabeth Schönwetter

    Inga Birkholz

    Irem Kaymak

    Irene Hampe

    Jennifer Gerlach

    Katharina Günther

    Katharina Wanzek

    Kristina Hartung

    Lena Ries

    Lisa Keller

    Marie-Annick Lambert

    Minakshi Gandhi

    Paulina Fleischmann

    Romina Vardapour

    Sebastian Kaiser

    Silvia Götz

    Vikram Kasaragod

    Wiebke Sickel

    Wolfgang Kölmel

    And the other elder-gods of the GSLS