International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Student Speakers

    As in previous years, the GSLS Symposium offers the opportunity for students to present their work, either in the form of a poster or an oral presentation. These presentations cover all the different sections of the GSLS and provide interesting glimpses into the work and research of young scientists.

    Confirmed Speakers

    Sara Eisenbart
    AG Sharma
    Topic: "A nickel-regulated small RNA represses expression of major virulence factors in Helicobacter pylori."

    Dominik Kiser
    Department of Molecular Psychiatry, University of Würzburg, AG Lesch
    Topic: "Behavioral consequences of CDH13 deficiency and early life stress."

    Lisa Anna Jung
    Department for Biochemistry and Molecularbiology, University of Würzburg
    Topic: "Targeting Myc function for tumor therapy"
    Vikram Kasaragod
    Rudolf Virchow Center Experimental Biomedicine
    Topic: "Molecular basis for the moonlighting function of gephyrin"
    Christina Popp
    AG Morschhäuser
    Topic: "Fitness costs of drug resistance in Candida Albicans"
    Mateus Adolfi
    AG Schartl
    Topic: "Retinoic acid metabolism, transcription regulatory activity and meiosis in Medaka"