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    BayWISS Digitalisierung

    BayWISS Verbundkolleg Digitalisierung (BWD)

    With BayWISS the Bavarian Ministry of Science and the Arts has created a new platform to enhance collaboration of universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria.

    The BayWISS Verbundkolleg Digitalisierung (BWD) is one of currently eleven thematically different Joint Academic Partnerships . It has its headquarters at the University of Würzburg and is jointly managed together with the universities of applied sciences THWS Würzburg-Schweinfurt  and OTH Regensburg.

    As a first measure, BayWISS is developing a platform for joint doctoral projects between universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. Talented graduates who are qualified and willing to strive for a doctoral degree at any BayWISS member university can join this new forum together with their supervisors.

    The BWD will start its work with the following research topics:

    •   Big data/data analytics
    •   Digitalisation in industrial production and in industrial services
    •  Intelligent networks
    •  Information technology in public health service and health research
    • Robotics and telematics
    •  Security of hardware, software and data
    • Human-computer-media interaction
    • Economic and social aspects of computer systems in the context of application