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Below please find information about the general GSST regulations and the procedures for doctoral researchers and advisors how to join the GSST.

The bylaws of the University of Würzburg Graduate Schools (UWGS)determine the organizational structure of the UWGS.

Rules regarding admission, the study program, the role of the advisory committee as well as the process of thesis submission and thesis defense are laid down in the graduation regulations. They consist of a general section that applies to all graduate schools and sections specific for each graduate school (section 4. starting on page 41 specifically refers to the GSST). 

Admission to the GSST can be sought by individuals with a relevant scientific background. A MSc degree qualifies for direct entry into the doctoral program. A Bachelor's degree or other degrees not fully equivalent to a MSc may allow admission to a qualification period under some conditions (restrictions apply).

Admission should take place prior to or at the very beginning of your doctoral project. Admission can take place any time throughout the year. It will be followed by university enrollment at the earliest possible date.

A. For applicants with a domestic university degree

For admission to the GSST, you need to

  • interview with at least two GSST members
  • be accepted for a doctoral project by the project leader

The following forms – and documents mentioned therein – are relevant for admission to the GSST:

Admission as a doctoral researcher

Admission to the qualification phase (only for candidates with a degree not fully equivalent to a MSc)

Please return all documents, preferentially in person, to: GSST Office, Dr. Stephan Schröder-Köhne, Josef-Schneider-Straße 2, D15, 97080 Würzburg

Once you have submitted the relevant documents and all requirements are fulfilled, you will receive a letter of acceptance by the GSST. You will need this for university enrollment at the Central Administration ("Studierendenkanzlei").

B. Additional steps for international applicants

International applicants are admitted to the GSST in the same way as domestic ones. However, university enrollment takes place via the International Office. The International Office is also in charge of assessing the equivalence of diplomas and transcripts of applicants to those in Germany. As part of the admission process we will therefore have your documents evaluated by the International Office.

If we receive a positive answer from the international office, you will receive a letter of acceptance by the GSST which is needed for subsequent enrollment via the International Office. For that purpose you will have to fill in the application form required by the International Office

If you have any questions relating to admission and / or the GSST doctoral program, please send an e-mail to Dr. Stephan Schröder-Köhne ( or call +49 (0)931 31-86068.

Faculty members fufilling the requirements of the BayHSchPrüferV may apply for GSST membership. GSST membership is obligatory for supervision of GSST doctoral researchers.

Please use the membership application form  and send all documents to:

GSST Office, Dr. Stephan Schröder-Köhne, Beatrice-Edgell-Wg 21, 97074 Würzburg