Graduate School Science and Technology

For Doctoral Researchers

BayWISS- For Doctoral Researchers

General considerations:

As a member of the BWD you are included into a graduate school or graduate centre at a Bavarian university. Thereby you will be efficiently supported to advance your doctoral project.

This includes your integration into the international academic landscape, linking to other doctoral researchers, and the offer of a variety of subject-related courses as well as transferable skills courses. As a member of the BWD you can get financial support for a wide range of work-related expenses (such as travel expenses, costs for consumabels, publication costs, child care, etc.). 

Each doctoral project must be performed in cooperation of at least one university and one university of applied sciences in Bavaria.

We can assist in finding a cooperation partner that suits your project, if needed.

A fundamental prerequisite to start your application process is your admission as a doctoral researcher at any Bavarian university. In accordance with the general doctoral guidelines you should hold an above average degree from a university or from a university of applied science (e.g. master`s degree or a qualification equivalent to a masters`degree).

Actual application:

Necessary documents to apply for membership in the BWD are as follows:

  • Letter of admission as a doctoral candidate from a Bavarian university
  • Short summary of your planned doctoral project (1-2 pages)
  • Certificates (school reports, university certificates, e.g. master certificate, transcript of records)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Provisional timeline with milestones of your doctoral project
  • Statement about the funding of your project 
  • Short statement how you will meet the requested requirements during your doctoral project


If you plan to do your doctoral research in cooperation with the University of Würzburg you will be integrated into the Graduate School of Science and Technlogy (GSST). Therefore, at the University of Würzburg you will need the two following additional documents:


Your documents will be reviewed by the directors of the BWD.

Important information and forms you will also find here