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Abbas, Eid Nagy Eid

Wir gratulieren herzlich zum bestandenen Kolloquium am 4 März 2024.

"Demotic Texts from Medinet Habu in the Cairo Museum (Philological, Paleographical und Cultural Study)." 

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Erstbetreuer:  Prof. Dr. Günter Vittmann


Prof. Dr. Martin Stadler

Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer

Klasse in der Graduiertenschule:  "Altertum, Geschichte und Religion"

Promotion in der Graduiertenschule ab SS 2019.

This proposal is concerned with the publication of a group of Demotic ostraca some of them were excavated by the University of Chicago in Medinet Habu in western Thebes. This group is part of a larger one stored in the Cairo Museum, Section VII under SR 18952 and other inventory numbers. Broadly speaking, these texts are dated to the Greco-Roman period; a precise dating of each text lies within the scope of this study. The ostraca found in Medinet Habu belong to the largest -if not the largest - collections of Egyptian ostraca that have been found in situ. Therefore, it constitutes a unique archive of administrative documents. Among the prominent contents of this collection is a large group of Demotic ostraca, of which a relatively large part, including the group under study, is still unpublished. As such, the broad goal of this proposal is to provide a scientific publication for these ostraca with careful attention to the contribution of this group of ostraca in particular and all the Medinet Habu Demotic ostraca in general to the economic and social history of Medinet Habu in the Greco-Roman period. This can be done in view of the traditional methodology of text publication in Demotic, which includes certain basic steps and procedures, i.e. description, reading, translation, dating, classification, and analysis of the studied texts.