Graduiertenschule für die Geisteswissenschaften

    Graduate School of the Humanities (GSH)

    "A Doctorate with Added Value."

    Our Graduate School's main objective is to promote highly qualified postgraduate students as they go through our interdisciplinary "Humanities" doctoral study course,  so that candidates will be able to complete their doctorate within a period of three years. Therefore, we offer in the first place:

    • Intensive mentoring by an individual, three-member mentoring committee
    • Training in essential academic and professional skills

    plus an extensive choice of supporting and promoting elements. Within the framework of our Graduate School, we offer young academics the opportunity to conduct their research projects across the entire range of a large number of research fields in the Humanities. The doctorate study is being carried out within one of our six thematic Classes at which the subject of the doctoral thesis may as well be interdisciplinary, i.e. situated between these. 

    At present, about 120 scholars are contributing to the program; they work in a wide range of fields in the Humanities and provide their special course offerings specifically to the doctoral students at the GSH, their mentoring experience, and their know-how in writing and composing academic texts. The GSH also offers courses for acquiring transferable skills, interdisciplinary method workshops as well as information lectures, talks and social events. 

    Our Graduate School was officially established in January 2007 as a Central Institute within the framework of the University of Würzburg Graduate Schools, and is supported by the three Humanities faculties. Current director is Prof. Fotis Jannidis (Chair of Computer Philology)

    Please note: Our Graduate School's working language is German but a variety of English or other foreign-language courses and lectures may also be held where appropriate. Hence, only this and the below mentioned pages exist in English.

    Ordinances of our Graduate School (in German):