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    International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Writing Contest

    In the Writing Contest, PhD students are encouraged to write a creative essay about their research. These stories are not only intended for peers in their field but should also be for the layman without a scientific background. In past years, successful competitors have written essays pertaining not just to their research field but have also addressed interesting facts about their research question, common scientific misconceptions about their field and incorporated them in entertaining stories of their scientific endeavours.

    Here we present the entries of this years Writing Contest.

    Ahmed Aido - Development of directed immunotherapy against cancer

    Anastasiya Grinko - Thoughts of a torn scientist

    Shriya Mamatha Jayaram - Immunity against Ignorance

    Victoria Mamontova - MEME is everywhere! A novel core component of life

    Manasa Narayan - Margarita and more

    Sandra Perez Jimenez - Awareness

    Katharina Wandera - How it all began... Billions of years ago

    Yuanjie Wei - Who am I?