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    International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Student Speakers

    Biomedicine Section

    Best student speaker of the symposium, congratulations Michaela!

    Michaela Reißland

    Department for Biochemistry and molecular Biology, AG Diefenbacher, JMU Würzburg

    Talk Title: The Upiquitin Proteasome System in Colorectal Cancer: a new option for therapy?



    Neuroscience Section

    Katharina Antor

    Institute for Clinical Neurobiology, AG Briese, UKW Würzburg

    Talk Title: Stress granules and pathological protein aggregations in the context of ALS


    Neuroscience Section

    André Marquardt

    Department for Physiological Chemistry, AG Meierjohann, JMU Würzburg

    Talk Title: Hidden in the Transcriptome – Machine Learning Uncovers Prognostic Mitochondrial Gene Signature in Renal Cell Carcinoma beyond Established Histopathology


    Biomedicine Section

    Bikash Adhikari

    Department for Biochemistry and molecular Biology, AG Wolf, JMU Würzburg

    Talk Title: PROTAC mediated degradation reveals a non-catalytical function of Aurora-A kinase


    Neuroscience Section

    Florian Rumpf

    Department for Neurobiology and Genetics, AG Helfrich-Förster, JMU Würzburg

    Talk Title: Optogenetic stimulation of the suprachiasmatic nucleus and Markov Chains


    Infection and Immunity Section

    Fabian König

    Molecular Infection Biology, AG Sharma, JMU Würzburg

    Talk Title: Dual RNA-sequencing upon infection of a 3D intestinal tissue model reveals a flagellar biogenisis-associated Campylobacter jejuni small regulatory RNA


    Integrative Biology Section

    Gemma Villagomez Garduno

    Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology,  JMU Würzburg

    Talk Title: Stingless bees and the forest: how species characteristics affect foraging patterns and resource intake