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    International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Social Event

    Vince Ebert Keynote

    We proudly present Vince Ebert as our special keynote speaker for this year's social event. 

    In his talk “Randomly successful“, Vince Ebert explains what entrepreneurial strategies are necessary in order to stay flexible and to be able to react to unforeseeable incidents and stay cutting-edge. He does this by using funny examples from natural sciences, neuro marketing and chaos theory. Coincidence is absolutely vital for progress and innovation. After all, the most successful system of our universe is based on trial and error: evolution. Without coincidence and chance the most influential species would never have been able to generate. Give chance a chance!

    For further information you can visit the homepage of Vince Ebert or go on via social media on  facebook and youtube!