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    International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Image and Writing Contests

    Like in past years, there are two independent competitions which PhD students participating in the symposium are eligible to apply for. We will be offering amazing prizes for each competition. Examples of past year winners can be found here.

    In the WRITING CONTEST, PhD students are encouraged to write a creative essay about their research. These stories are not only intended for peers in their field but should also be for the layman without a scientific background. In past years, successful competitors have written essays pertaining not just to their research field but have also addressed interesting facts about their research question, common scientific misconceptions about their field and incorporated them in entertaining stories of their scientific endeavours. You can present your creative skills either in a short 1-2 page essay or comic strip So share your personal Eureka moment or write about how your findings will change the world in the future!!!

    Rules for the WRITING CONTEST:

    • Participants must attend the Eureka! 2020 Symposium.
    • Only one entry per person may be submitted.
    • The essay/comic must be written in English using a style suitable for a non-scientific audience.
    • The length must not exceed 1000 words or one page comic.
    • The work must be original and not published somewhere else, or awaiting publication.
    • Contributions have to be submitted as a PDF attachment to this email adress:, not later than 30th September 2020 20:00 (CET). By sending a contribution, participants agree that their work will be made publicly available on the Eureka homepage.

    In the IMAGE CONTEST, PhD students present fascinating moments captured from their own scientific work. The images can be taken on a variety of scientific imaging devices. In the past years the contestants allowed a broader audience to appreciate the beauty of science on any level imaginable.

    Rules for the IMAGE CONTEST:

    • Participants must attend the Eureka! 2020 Symposium.
    • Only one entry per person may be submitted.
    • The image could be taken with any scientific imaging device (e.g. microscope, camera, FACS and such like).
    • The image must be a part of scientific work.
    • Image manipulations are acceptable to bring out colours, contrast, etc; but not to add or remove objects from the image.
    • The image can show living or non-living objects.
    • The image can be submitted in any of the following formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP and the resolution should be high enough.
    • The image has to be submitted with a title and a short description of what it shows in English. The title can be more artistic and catchy (1 line), whereas the description should contain scientific details about the meaning, importance, method and imaging device used (3-10 lines).
    • Please send the text with your personal details (name, lab/institute and research field) and the image as an email attachment to, no later than 30th September 2020 20:00 (CET). By sending an image, participants agree that their images will be shown on the Eureka homepage. 

    The winners will be taking home attractive prizes!