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    Awadallah, Abdelhaleem

    "The crew of the sun barghe in the Amduat." 

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    Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer

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    Klasse in der Graduiertenschule: "Altertum, Geschichte und Religion"

    Promotion in der Graduiertenschule ab SS 2017.

    The Amduat is – despite its ancient Egyptian wording with Amduat derived from ỉmy dwȝ.t “that what is in the underworld”– a modern title created by Egyptologists for what the ancient Egyptians called in many different ways. The version in the tomb of Ramses VI bears the title "The writings of the Hidden Chamber”, (Piankoff 1954: 227). other attested titles are almost abstracts of the entire composition (Hornung 1987: 13 ). It was one of the most important religious books recorded on the walls of royal tombs since the beginning of the 18th dynasty. However there are some opinions which see the tomb of Senwoseret III at Abydos as an AMDUAT tomb by the close similarities in design ( wegner 2009: 142 – 165).

    The proposed study, therefor, aims at identifying the influence of religious situation during the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period on the form of the book in the New Kingdom and in the Late Period. The study focuses mainly on finding the reasons of choosing this crew to manage the journey of the sun barge and to illustrate the functions and responsibilities of each one of the crew.