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Renninger, Sophie

"Room Tours: A Material History of the U.S. American Home." (working title)

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Homeownership has become an integral part of the modern American dream. After WWII the demand for homes marked an all-time high and highly look-alike residential neighborhoods mushroomed across the United States. The home is known to be a stage for the diversified practices of life, such as hygiene, sleep, play, or work, compartmentalizing life along the lines of a floorplan and assigning each room a central practical purpose and use.

Proceeding from the standardized floorplans of suburban housing, my Ph.D. project seeks to explore the US-American single-family home in a larger historic, cultural and socio-economic development, while also focusing on the phenomenological properties of mundane, perhaps ignored, everyday objects as symptomatic of a standardized way of American life. My project is rooted in the visual arts and material history and utilizes representations of selected interiors to question the validity of a standardized home- and lifestyle. It is the aim of this thesis to offer alternative ideas, object lessons, and readings of contemporary artworks that renegotiate the meaning of living in the U.S.A today.