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    The Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) results from a common initiative of the Faculties of Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Physics, and Human Sciences at the University of Würzburg. As a highly interdisciplinary program we are funded by Excellence Initiative to support the training of excellent doctoral researchers.
    Since the founding of the GSLS in 2006, over 380 doctoral researchers have graduated by our regulations and standards.
    Over these years, we have grown to encompass more than 250 research groups and support more than 430 concurrent doctoral researchers and more than 140 medical doctoral researchers with our dedicated team.

    Our mission:
    Interdisciplinary research training is the key to the success of tomorrow's life scientists. However, the traditional training of a doctoral researcher often puts a rather narrow focus on skills immediately related to their research project. Improving upon the traditional model, the GSLS provides structured doctoral research training, offering additional skills beyond the immediate scope of the graduation research project. Our study program outlines the graduation prerequisites we require of our doctoral researchers to foster excellence. The additional requirements for graduation are more than matched by the strong support of the GSLS, which provides compelling reasons to graduate with us.