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Graduate School of Life Sciences

General Training & Lectures

Even though doctoral researchers have a completed formal education, they are encouraged to take advantage of their university environment by participating in lectures or seminars. If you want to improve your academic knowledge, just browse the Course Overview of the University of Würzburg. The GSLS especially recommends the general lecture of the FOKUS Master Life Sciences course, which provides a great overview of the research community in Würzburg.

The GSLS also organizes the lecture series Clinical Medicine for doctoral researchers, MD students, MSc students and students of the course Biomedicine. In this series, lecturers present their research in the border zone between basic life science research and clinical applications. This lecture series is only held in summer semesters.

There are also established lecture series like the BZ-Kolloquium  or the Mikrobiologisches Kolloquium, which present invited speakers on interesting and varied topics. If you are looking for food for thought or simply to expand your scientific horizon you should check out these events.