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MD/PhD program

As of 2012, the MD/PhD program is not be regarded as a section of its own any longer, but the MD/PhD students - working in very diverse fields of the Life Sciences - will be associated individually with a suitable section.

The MD/PhD program of the University of Würzburg was founded in 1997. It allows young physicians, who already hold an 'MD' (Dr. med.), to obtain the title 'PhD' (Dr. rer. nat.). This program was established by both the Faculty of Biology and the Medical Faculty. It is now part of the GSLS, and it is directly associated with the IZKF, the "Center of Interdisciplinary Clinical Research".

The MD/PhD program is not linked to any particular area of research, but offers research projects in all topics covered by the IZKF. The unifying principle is to train MDs in biomedical research on projects of clinical relevance. Of particular relevance to the MD/PhD program are the clinical research groups

and the collaborative research center

For additional information please refer to the student-homepage of the IZKF.


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