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Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Researchers in the Graduate School of Life Sciences

The GSLS currently has about 600 registered doctoral researchers, and over 200 medical students pursuing a doctoral research project.  The purpose of the GSLS is to provide a structured doctoral training program for registered doctoral researchers, ensuring that a three-person thesis committee is in place for each doctoral researcher to provide an interdisciplinary background of support and expertise. However, the offer of the GSLS goes beyond the mere structure. We offer training courses for scientific and transferable skills, organize lecture series and career events and also provide funding to participate in international conferences and workshops.

The following webpages contain the essential information you will need from the beginnning to the end of your doctoral project, from enrollment in the GSLS through to submission of your thesis and receipt of your doctoral certificate:

  • The Study Program details all the requirements in place for a successful graduation from the GSLS. Be sure to check this list periodically to track your progress towards your doctoral degree.
  • As part of the structured training program, you are expected to participate in a minimum of six elective activities (approximately one per semester). Under Training you will find the electives organized by the GSLS.
  • Activities & Events  is the hub for all social and networking events. In addition you will find the career opportunities the GSLS offers you.
  • Finishing your PhD? Thesis Submission gives you an overview of those final steps.
  • Need additional money to visit conferences or wrap up your experiments? The Funding section details the offers of the GSLS.
  • Are you a parent or are you expecting a child? Our Family Support section will give you a basic information overview.
  • The Doctoral Researchers Council  (DRC) is the representation of doctoral researchers within our organizational structure. The DRC not only provides peer counsel but also organizes events for the doctoral researchers.