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Graduate School of Life Sciences

PostDoc Plus Program

The PostDoc Plus program consists of two major aspects:

  1. Workshops
    The GSLS opens its Transferable Skills program  to the postdoctoral researchers of our affiliated research groups free of charge. Of course, this program is tailored to the needs of doctoral researchers with only a few courses being of interest for some postdoctoral fellows. In addition, the GSLS will offer PostDoc Plus workshops targeting postdoctoral researchers and principal investigators an audience. The program will run with a  frequency of approx. 2-3 courses per year.
  2. Research Funds
    Transitioning from being a postdoctoral researcher on a pre-defined project into scientific independence can be a difficult task. Many postdoctoral researchers have their own ideas, which could differentiate them from their current supervisors, but often resources are scarce to perform the initial experiments required for a major grant application. The GSLS offers 12,500 Euro within the  PostDoc Plus Funding for up to six postdoctoral researchers on a yearly basis. This money can be spend on supplies & consumables, on workshop fees to acquire new techniques or on research assistants (HiWi) among others. This is the only part of the PostDoc Plus program which specifically targets postdoctoral researchers who want to become principal investigators

We are also in the process of planning for a third prospect:

No matter what you want to achieve in your career, knowing the right people is a tremendous boost to your chances. Many experienced professors are affiliated with the GSLS and through our activities and alumni our network outside of our university is steadily growing. So why not tap into this resource through the PostDoc Plus mentoring program? PostDoc Plus Mentoring is designed to be very flexible without burdening participants with a time consuming program. Find details on the  dedicated Mentoring page.