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Graduate School of Life Sciences

PostDoc Plus Funding

Please note that the PostDoc Plus programme has to be paused for the time being.


The GSLS recognizes the fact that postdoctoral fellows deserve more attention as a group within the university, and among them especially female postdoctoral researchers, as this is the career stage in which the percentage of women begins to drop. Postdoctoral researchers often are on temporary contracts, working on pre-defined projects which initially leave little room to develop their own scientific standing. This is, however, crucial for their future academic career. The PostDoc Plus Funding will support initial experiments to develop a proposal for external funding, such as the "first own grant" program of the DFG.


Up to four postdoctoral researchers will receive a budget of 12,500 EUR to spend within one year. This money can be spent in accordance to the proposal submitted in the application for:

  • Supplies & Consumables (e.g. chemicals, add-ons for equipment, columns etc.)
  • Student research assistants (HiWis)
  • Workshop fees
  • Travel costs
  • Publication fees

If the postdoctoral researcher wants to spend the money in another way, please discuss this with the GSLS office prior to the purchase.

Beneficiaries are expected to present their current research and ideas in a seminar format. At the end of the funding period, the results are to be presented either in a seminar or a mini-symposium.

Application details

The application is open to every postdoctoral researcher who:

  1. Is currently working in a research group affiliated with the Graduate School of Life Sciences
  2. Intends to stay at the University of Würzburg for the duration of the funding period
  3. Is not already a member of the Graduate School of Life Sciences
  4. Completed their doctorate no more than five years prior to the application (career breaks due to parental leave will not be counted in the five years)

To apply, submit the following items:

  • completed application form
  • a current curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)
  • Cover letter
  • a detailed research proposal and work programme - not exceeding 4 pages!
    Contents: introduction, main research questions/objectives, work plan incl. time schedule, long-term perspective
    Layout: Regular A4, Arial, font size 11, spacing 1.5
  • most important references
  • a letter of recommendation from your current primary supervisor

You can send your application by mail to the GSLS office or by email as a single PDF file to


Please note that the PostDoc Plus programme has to be paused for the time being.