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Graduate School of Life Sciences

Scientific Training

Sections of Research Training

The research institutions in Würzburg are grouped into “sections” of related research activities, focusing on certain areas of the life sciences for doctoral training. Currently the GSLS offers programs in the following “Sections”:

In addition to the above sections, the MD/PhD program (for MDs only) is designed to attract medical students who want to embark on a career in translational and clinical research. The MD/PhD program is not linked to any particular area of research, but offers research projects in all subject areas covered by the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF). The unifying principle is to train MDs in biomedical research on projects of clinical relevance.

If you have a preference for any of those fields please follow the above links to the respective “section” straight away. If you are interested in a comprehensive view of the coordinated interdisciplinary research efforts in the life sciences in Würzburg, you may look at "Research Institutions".