University of Würzburg Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Doctoral Researchers Council


    The DRC

    • voices interests of doctoral researchers and stands up for them
    • represents the PhD students in the boards and meetings of the GSLS
    • networks and communicates between doctoral researchers and PIs
    • informs doctoral researchers about the GSLS
    • organizes events for the PhD students
    • mediates conflicts between doctoral researchers and PIs or GSLS

    The DRC has five members, two or three of which are newly elected by all GSLS doctoral researchers every year. In this way, continuity of the DRC's work is secured and experience is handed over from one generation of doctoral researchers to the next.

    Contact: drc@gsls.uni-wuerzburg.de

    Current Members of the DRC


    Anne Rech

    (Since 2018) Hello, my name is Anne Rech and I am currently in my first year of the PhD under the supervision of Prof. Schilling in the clinic of dermatology and Prof. Schlosser at the RVZ.

    I already participated in several GSLS events and got thereby in contact with the  current DRC members. In my opinion, it is important for us PhD students to have representatives and contact persons in case of problems that are in the same life situation and thereby share and understand the challenges of our daily lives as PhD students. I would like to join the DRC as I like to stand up for my own as well as the values and interest of others and like to support people in which I already gained some experience when I represented the concerns of the pupils as head girl during school. Further, I enjoy organizing events, for example do I organize the social events for my laboratory. In addition, I think it would be a great opportunity to interact, meet new people, and get further experience in communication, networking, organization and problem solutions.

    Rohini Gupta

    (Since 2018) I have just started the 3rd year of my PhD and was hoping to partake in more such activities outside the lab and so the timing could not have been more perfect. I think the DRC, and by-the-by the GSLS, is a great platform that encourages us young scientists to build up our profiles, not only academically but also socially.

    I’m also a part of the EUREKA team this year and am thoroughly enjoying attending the meetings and planning various aspects of the upcoming conference. With the DRC, I hope to help organise more events for the PhD students.

    As a foreigner living on my own in a country so far away from home, it’s easier for me to interact with international students from different cultural backgrounds. I can certainly relate to their problems and the challenges they face and hence would be able to guide them in the best possible way. I believe I could truly help represent the diversity in the council. I am confident of both delegating and undertaking tasks given to me and hope being part of the DRC will further hone these skills.

    Catharina Hamann


    (Since 2018) My name is Catharina Hamann. I started my PhD in the beginning of 2018, working under Dr. Schmitt-Böhrer in the department of psychiatry.

    I would really like to join the team of the DRC to actively help organize GSLS events as well as to be a voice for PhD students who might need help in difficult situations. While studying in Würzburg the past six years I experienced different challenges and issues that I had to overcome. During this period I learned which places and people one can turn to if they need help solving problems and who can help you to voice your opinions. I learned a lot from these experiences and would like to pass this knowledge on, allowing others to profit from it.

    In general, I would describe myself as a very outgoing and open person who likes to socialize and take care of other people. Being a part of the DRC would allow me to actively contribute to the GSLS and establish a lot of new connections that might be useful in the future. I would be very grateful if the PhD students of the GSLS were to give me the opportunity to represent them as a member of the DRC.  

     Manju Sasi

    (Since 2018) Hello! My name is Manju Sasi and I have just finished my third year as PhD student in the group of Robert Blum at the Institute of Clinical Neurobiology. I would like to become a part of th

    e DRC committee to organize a platform to conduct surveys to monitor morale among PhD students and to recognize common problems or issues at the work place. Also, being an internati

    onal student myself, I would like to help the newcomers from abroad to introduce them into the working culture and locality. I am particularly interested to get them aware of their rights and aid them to have a positive working environment.


    Marzieh Sharifi

    (Since 2017) I have just started my second year in a Promotion MD-PhD program and I would love to join the Doctoral Researchers Council. Although some scientists would like to work in a cave away from the rest of the community, I think one should interact with other peers. To me, networking is about adding a social dimension to my academic life.

    Meeting people in a social setting can often establish friendly relationships that will help to dilute the isolation that one may feel during the Ph.D. and can bring me possible collaborators, new ideas, or understanding from fellow Ph.D. students.

    Prathibha Muralidhara

    (Since 2017) Hello, my name is Prathibha Muralidhara and I am a PhD Student at the Julius-von-Sachs Institute (Botanik, Wuerzburg). I have been closely associated with GSLS during my masters in University of Wuerzburg. As a part of FOKUS Life Sciences Masters program I served as a spokesperson and tutor for the incoming international students. I could help and guide new students in adjusting to the research environment and to the new FOKUS life sciences program as a whole. This experience has now motivated me to contribute to the GSLS during my PhD. I would like to bring in new ideas and facilitate communication and networking among PhD students and with the Graduate School. I am confident that I am a good representative of the doctoral students in the Executive Board. I promise to do my very best if I am chosen as your representative. Also, I am a lot of fun, warm and welcoming. 

    Currently I am at the beginning of my third year of PhD.

    Carina Gross

    (Since 2017) Hello, My name is Carina Gross and I’m now at the end of my 2nd year of the PhD and I’m working in the department of experimental biomedicine in the group of David Stegner. Before I came to Würzburg, I already started a PhD in Göttingen but changed due to several reasons. Therefore, I know which kind of problems may arise and that it is always good to have people voicing/fighting for the interests and rights of PhD students. That’s why I would like to join the DRC. I would like to use my personal experience to make the life of a PhD easier.

    Inga Scheller

    (since 2016)  Hello! My name is Inga Birkholz and I am currently in the third year of my PhD in the group of Prof. Nieswandt at the RVZ. I am part of the GSLS for more than 3 years, since I had another PhD position before I changed to Prof. Nieswandts group. Therefore I know a lot about the troubles which you can face during your PhD time and I think my experience is advantageous for the DRC. I am part of the DRC for two years and have been a member of the organizing committee of the GSLS Student´s Symposium for three years. I really enjoy(ed) the work and I learned a lot about organizing social events!




    Prathibha Muralidhara,  Anne Rech,  Catharina Hamann, Inga Scheller

    Marzieh Sharifi, Rohini Gupta, Carina Gross, Manju Saasi