Current Affairs

Once a year the international symposium EUREKA! is organized by PhD students. This is the organizing team in 2019. (Picture: Caroline Kisker)

Great News - Funding secured

Funding by the Ministry of Science and the Arts is secured. The GSLS will receive 450,000€ annually for the next seven years.

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Each year the GSLS supports and funds postdoctoral researchers in their transition towards scientific independence. (Picture: J. Fiebig)

PostDoc Plus Programme 2020: Kick-Off

The 7th round of the GSLS PostDoc Plus Programme kicked-off with the first meeting on 12th February.  This programme supports postdoctoral researchers in their transition toward scientific independence.
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The twice-yearly Welcome Week offers new doctoral researchers excellent networking opportunities (Picture: Gabriele Blum-Oehler)

Save the Date!

Welcome Week Spring 2020 is in preparation.
When: 6th - 8th April 2020
Where: GSLS Building

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